Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sherwood Schwartz [1916-2011]

Sherwood Schwartz enjoyed quite the life. He passed away at 94 on July 12. Schwartz is fondly remembered by my generation as the man behind My Favorite Martian [script supervisor], The Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island [writer, creator, producer on both].

These are certified television classics. My Favorite Martian [1963-1966] ran for 107 episodes and starred one of my favorite actors, as many of you know, Bill Bixby. Gilligan's Island [1964-1967] ran 98 episodes. The Brady Bunch [1969-1974] ran for 117 episodes.

This is nothing more than a sincere tribute and thanks to a fellow who gave me loads of childhood entertainment memories.

He gave us Marcia, Jan and Cindy, but best of all actress Tina Louise and Dawn Wells.

And Dawn Wells.

And Dawn Wells.

And Dawn Wells.

And Dawn Wells.

Sorry about that. That was a bit like being caught up in a Gilligan's Island dream episode. Yes, thanks Sherwood for some of the hokey, cheesiest best.

Here's a snippet of The Brady Bunch with a science fiction theme of course.


PDXWiz said...

Agreed, he was a very talented person. Have never seen My Favorite Martian, but Gilligan and the Bradys are still the two best sitcoms. EVER. Heard rumors he was still working on ideas at his death. The Skipper and Gilligan are the funniest duo of characters, the Brady parents had the best chemistry ever on tv, and the Brady kids are still the coolest tv kids ever.

How many Gilligan episodes fall under the science fiction heading? Probably a good dozen, easily, plus allied spy and horror episodes and a bit of fantasy, too. The robot, the jetpack, manned and unmanned spaceships in the lagoon, the giant spider, the intelligent ape, the meteor, the radioactive vegetables, both Dr. Balinkoff stories, Gilligan's filling as a radio, the space probe and the feathers....that's 12 there off the top of my head, plus Ginger's film Mohawk Over the Moon about a Native American astronaut. Lots of good fodder for the AlterNASAverse, that's for certain!

And as for Ginger/Mary Ann... depends on what mood I'm in. The sensual woman of the world, or the girl next door (definitely not the Ginger from the first reunion movie!)...or Dawn. Yes Dawn...who had elements of both.... (grins)

Fond memories. Thanks, Mr. Schwartz! I hope you are coming up with more good ideas for sitcom jokes!

Gordon Long

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...


Love your additional, appropriately themed post. Thanks for mentioning all of those terrific sci-fi, horror and fantasy elements. It's a great point.

And look, for years, people just scoff at the Brady Bunch or Gilligan's Island and still do.

I really don't care. The stuff is timeless and infinitely rewatchable like so many of our favorite Star Trek episodes. YES! It's that good!

I'm secure enough to admit that I loved these programs too and still adore them. I enjoyed many with my kids as they have grown all over.

But thanks Gordon for adding an additional level of substance pertinent to the site regarding Sherwood's classics. Great post.


The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

By the way, I'm right there with you on your point about Dawn! : )