Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Elisabeth Sladen [1948-2011]

I picked up a newspaper today [a rare thing] only to discover to my surprise that the lovely, beautiful Elisabeth Sladen [1948-2011] passed away this week. She was an amazing force in the world of Doctor Who during the Jon Pertwee years. Her presence was even more crucial to The Sci-Fi Fanatic during those classic Tom Baker years. See here for a sample of her fine work.

Truth be told, I've never been an ardent follower of her work following her Doctor Who departure, and had no idea she was suffering from cancer, but her work is memorialized among the classics of science fiction heroines. Today, the fact Sladen had been filming and working hard on four seasons of The Sarah Jane Adventures these past few years speaks volumes to the toughness of this lady.

In fact, I purchased the first two volumes of her series, The Sarah Jane Adventures, not having seen the show, but based solely on the confidence that I would adore the performance Sladen would deliver once again to fans. Her spunky, atypical heroine was always a draw for me and she will be forever remembered as that sexy, sweet firecracker from my youth. She was simply unforgettable and had me cheering for her throughout every adventure. When time permits upon returning from a short break I will pay her a proper tribute. I was gobsmacked by this sad news. She was a young 63. This day another one of the good ones was taken. She will be missed as the world seemed a better place with her in it.


Fritz "Doc" Freakenstein said...

I too was stunned to hear about the death of Elizabeth Sladen yesterday. I had just watched the third season on DVD of her Doctor Who spinoff series, The Adventures of Sarah Jane, this past weekend and was looking forward to watching the fourth season when it becomes available. Like most Yanks, my first exposure to Doctor Who was the first season of Tom Baker’s Doctor, so Sarah Jane was also my first companion. I have to admit that this then teenage boy was a tad smitten with the feisty and smart brunette beauty.

The premier of season six of the new Doctor Who series on BBC America this Saturday will be featuring a tribute to Elizabeth – I think – at the end of the program.

There have already been many wonderful words written about Elizabeth, but Tom Baker wrote these heartfelt words on his web site.

“She can't be dead. But she is: she died yesterday morning. Cancer. I had no idea she was ill; she was so private, never wanted any fuss, and now, gone. A terrible blow to her friends and a shattering blow for all those fans of the programme whose lives were touched every Saturday evening by her lovely heroic character, Sarah-Jane Smith.”

He goes on to tell some nice stories about her and you can read them at this link:

John Kenneth Muir said...


Thank you for posting a remembrance of this fine, beloved soul. I can't believe we've lost Elisabeth Sladen so soon. Deeply, deeply sad.

She was always my favorite companion...


The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Gosh gentlemen. I was so simply stunned by the news.

She was wonderful.

I am certain Baker must be just truly heartbroken, because he adores her and speaks very highly of her on those DVD releases featuring cast interviews.

I still need to purchase the third and fourth volume of the new series.

Boy, this was a blow. The world was simply a better place with her in it.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Doc. I'm with you too John. She was my personal favorite. Simply the classiest best. My best to you both, SFF