Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SciFiNow's Top 10 Sci-Fi Vehicles

The Ford Falcons from George Miller's Mad Max are quite simply bad to the bone.

ciFiNow is really winning me over with its Top Ten lists. I'm always inspired by my love of thumbing through a quality sci-fi magazine and feeling the thin paper against my weather-worn fingertips. Mind you, SciFiNow is like a science fiction fan on speed between two covers. This magazine is busier than the Mos Eisley spaceport at rush hour. It throws images and bits of information at you so fast and furious your head could spin straight off your body. But, it's large and colorful and segments like their The Complete Guide To... are always a lot of fun.

Starlog Magazine used to be one of the finest monthly reads filled with terrific, well-penned articles and thoughtful, insightful interviews. Starburst Magazine was a close second for me. SciFiNow, the last man standing and essentially their replacement for me, is filled with colorful photos, photos, pictures, images and photos. The writing may not be as intensive as those now defunct personal favorites, but I am relenting and accepting SciFiNow's strengths at this point. It's a bit like a science fiction film with wonderful special effects, but minor character development. Nevertheless, there are some fine moments in SciFiNow. There are some decent interviews, good retro pieces and lists here and there. I love my lists! I only purchase when I find something I really must see and look longingly at for minutes on end. They do a nice job with their layout! Farscape, Stargate, Star Trek are generally sells for me.
SciFiNow Issue#10 offered its list of the ten best Sci Fi Vehicles. I thought I'd give you their list and then serve up my far superior list at another time. :^) Seriously, you can't tell me your list wouldn't be better than this one.

These things are always subjective and I didn't care for some of there selections at all. Does the writer watch science fiction? It's a strange list. However, they did include a few I fully support.
SciFiNow's Top 10 Sci-Fi Vehicles:
1. Millennium Falcon [Star Wars]
2. The DeLorean [Back To The Future]
3. Optimus Prime [Transformers]
4. Planet Express Ship [Futurama]
5. The Tardis [Doctor Who]
6. The U.S.S. Enterprise [Star Trek]
7. The Warthog [Halo]
8. Thunderbird 2 [Thunderbirds]
9. Max [Flight Of The Navigator]
10. Kraken II [Innerspace]
I'll grant them the Millennium Falcon is a classic, but the bloody DeLorean? Seriously? If we're including cars I'd have to submit James Bond's Lotus from The Spy Who Loved Me over this vehicle any day of the week or just about any James Bond car.

How about the 1974 Ford Falcon Black Pursuit Special Coupe Max Rockatansky had souped up for Mad Max? Now, that is bad ass to the bone. The Mad Max 1974 Yellow MFP [Main Force Patrol] Ford Falcon Interceptor is a close second.

Of course there's the Bat Mobile or Tumbler. Blade Runner's police hover vehicles are cool. But, the DeLorean? Really.

Minority Report's Pre-Crime Hovership rocks it pretty sweet. Just about any craft from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within qualify as aces.

By the way, while we're on the subject, Transformers sucked! So Optimus Prime is out because he's a creation of Michael Bay and Michael Bay sucks. Most of all, Transformers sucked and my prejudices toward the Michael Bay franchise aside, Optimus Prime is a robot truck so it really should be ineligible for this list. The magazine is clearly playing to the kids with this call.

If we're going to include robots [and I don't care that it turns into a shiny truck], I would have selected the Evangelion units from Neon Genesis Evangelion over these silly toys. EVA-01 or EVA-02 are completely off the chart monsters! I'd even go with the robot from Gunbuster if we're including robots from the towering-over-man department. How about the patrol labors from Patlabor?

Max is actually collecting rust in the back studio lot at MGM in Florida. I saw it with my own eyes. It's not exciting and it's not impressive. Would this be on your Top 25?
What is up with Max from Flight Of The Navigator and Kraken II from Innerspace. Good grief. Really? These are the best you can come up with for your top ten? We're suppose to take you seriously.

I can't really comment on Planet Express Ship from Futurama, because I've never seen it, but it's Futurama, the same people behind The Simpsons. Should Matt Groenig's cartoon ship count?

Finally, the Warthog from the Halo video game seems an odd stretch. I'm not sure video games are an option without opening up a can of worms. Bottom line: SciFiNow is clearly pandering to an audience here and I really don't think the Warthog should qualify.

I do love the U.S.S. Enterprise and the many variations of said ship throughout the Star Trek franchise. The various incarnations to follow are all distinct and deserve their own place, but selecting the original template that made it all possible is the only real option. This is an absolute decision. If Star Trek: The Original Series ranks as the best science fiction series of all-time, the Enterprise, with all of its thoughtful, lived-in design, personality and character clearly makes the top of any list.

Star Wars has so many ships to pull from it's hard to settle on just one. The Slave 1, Tantive IV, the Sandcrawler, the Clone Turbo Tank and the Republic Gunship are just some examples of the vast selection of vessels that could make the list from Star Wars.

Additionally, the Thunderbirds series has alot to offer, but I think it's fair to say Thunderbird 2 is the queen mother in a manner of speaking. The T2 Pod bay even gives us classics like the Firefly and the Mole. T2 hands down is the right choice beyond the equally cool T1.

SciFiNow is an English publication so you can expect a vehicle like The Tardis to make an appearance. So unsuspecting isn't it?

So, SciFiNow, what the heck kind of list is this? Not to mention you disparage the Serenity from Firefly in your Five Of The Worst list. WOW! How could you discount Serenity? As much as I find your list disconcerting I refuse to burn this issue. Seriously, there's a great section on Space:1999 in the issue and I plan on revisiting the issue for that segment. Not to mention, your import magazine is far too expensive to burn, at least until I run out of firewood this winter.


TFKoP said...

Once you get to Season 3 of DS9, you'll be introduced to the Defiant, "the most heavily armed ship in the fleet", according to Gul Dukat.

It's a wicked awesome ship.

But you got a few episodes to go before you get your intro to her.


The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Hey J [TFKOP],

Well, it's funny you mentioned the Defiant.

It's definitely one ship I look forward to seeing in action.

I've seen images of it [See my Post on The Best And Worst Episodes of DS9], but I can't remember if I've seen it in action.

By the way, I had a diecast ship of it on order but then Corgi cancelled its plans to print the ship. I was bummed.

A friend of mine at work swears by the Defiant episodes and DS9 and tells me the episodes featuring the Defiant were some of her favorites of the series.

Thanks. Hope all is well.

J.D. said...

Good call on the MAD MAX cars! Those Falcons were badass to be sure. Another notable sci-fi-y vehicle, the kickass motorcycle from that 1980s short-lived TV show STREET HAWK.

Or what about the Light Cycles from TRON? Now those were sooo cool!

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Boy those light cycles in Tron were cool and I suspect will be equally cool in the remake, despite my lack of interest in seeing that film.

Oh, how about the flying cycles in Galactica 1980. HA! weak but hysterical.

Thanks JD.

Will said...

You did NOT just question the DeLorean's inclusion on this list! That's it Sci-Fi Fanatic. . .GEEK DUEL (long overdue)!


As for the Defiant, you've seen Star Trek: First Contact right? It makes a cameo! But I second it that it is a righteous ship (though, in it's first few episodes and First Contact, it gets it's ass handed to it).

Keep up the good work, DeLorean disrespect aside.

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Thank you Will. Love the Geek duel! Ha!

Honestly the DeLorean is pretty cool, but on a Top 10 list for sci fi vehicles I should think it should be excluusive to flying vessels, but they've included cars, robots and cartoons. Okay.

I did see First Contact but it's been awhile. Look forward to see the Defiant. Thanks for the vote of confidence my friend.

le0pard13 said...

Fun post. Let's hear it for the DeLorean, though. Took my daughter to the 25th Anniversary of BACK TO THE FUTURE last week, and she'll argue for it too, now ;-). Thanks, SFF.