Thursday, March 4, 2010

Space:1999 & Powys Media

My Powys Space:1999 collection.

My reading speed is equivalent to that of a tortoise running at top speed. It's not good. Unfortunately, life just gets in the way of these kinds of relaxing distractions. Between watching the science fiction classics [Space:1999, Thunderbirds, Star Trek: The Original Series], contemporary science fiction [Farscape, Doctor Who], the latest and greatest thing on television [Breaking Bad, Dexter, Deadwood] and wanting to read a good book I'm spread relatively thin. What with kids and work, thin is spreading thinner. And of course the kids normally come first unless I get distracted by the aforementioned activities. Yes, science fiction is a drug.

I wanted to provide a little boost of support to Powys Media, the company that has been releasing a strong series of Space:1999 classics in the making. These books are worth your time. The stories are original and involve the Space:1999 universe and all of the beloved characters from the Gerry Anderson classic.

When I made my first attempts to find a few of theses Space:1999 novels I quickly discovered some were sadly out of print already. There are other options though. Read on.

There's no telling how long the releases in print will remain so. If you are a fan of Space:1999 or even thoughtful science fiction, these books are up your Moonbase. I can't comment too much on them yet, but I am in the midst of reading Brian Ball's Survival [2005] and it's like stepping back in time to the adventures of Moonbase Alpha. Each night I read about 5-10 pages. I told you, I'm like a tortoise, but like a tree my memory is still good. Each night, I'm riveted by the printed word and looking forward to each step in the journey of our Main Mission heroes as if I was watching one of the Space:1999 classics. Survival includes a forward by the lovely, late gentleman, Barry Morse. Ball's tale is a gripping one from the start and contains some truly imaginative science fiction, an alien war and from what I've heard even delves into the fate of Professor Victor Bergman from the series. His character essentially disappears between Space:1999 Year 1 and Year 2. This story acts as a bridge and provides some answers and resolution to what happened to our beloved hero. The story features Commander John Koenig, Dr. Helena Russell, Professor Victor Bergman, Tony Verdeschi and Alan Carter with a sprinkle of Sandra Benes and Kano for good measure. What more could you want?
The titles released so far include Resurrection [2002] by William Latham, The Forsaken [2003] by John Kenneth Muir, Eternity Unbound [2005] by William Latham, Survival [2005] by Brian Ball, Born For Adversity [2010] by David A. McIntee, Shepherd Moon [2010], a collection of short stories by Brian Ball, Emma Burrows, E.C. Tubb, Stephen Jansen, William Latham, John Kenneth Muir [two including The Touch Of Venus and Futility] and more. Omega [2010] by William Latham, is the latest entry and now available with a foreward by original Space:1999 scriptwriter Christopher Penfold [the man behind the nightmarish Space:1999 episode Dragon's Domain, seered in memory since childhood]. Some of them are out of print including Resurrection and The Forsaken.
A tip from John Kenneth Muir over at John Kenneth Muir's Reflections On TV/Film gave me the opportunity to pick up those two missing page turners. You can still get them before exhorbitant prices are demanded by second hand sellers via Amazon. You can order through Doctor Who North America. You can also purchase those in print directly through Powys. I've purchased through both venues and they are reputable sellers with terrific shipping speeds.
Apart from these fresh, new, wonderful stories by a variety of authors, there are forewards by many of the beloved characters from Space:1999 including Prentis Hancock and Catherine Schell. Original series writer, the late Johnny Byrne also provides a foreward. This is a splendid seven book set and well worth your time. While it won't substitute the ribbing I receive each summer at the beach for my reading selections [The Illiad was an example], these Powys releases should transport me to other worlds and new adventures with great joy.
So grab your Commlock and Stun Gun and get these books while they're hot, because they'll be out of Earth orbit before you can pull a Maya.


John Kenneth Muir said...

Hey Sci-Fi Fanatic:

I'm glad you got a copy of The Forsaken before they are gone! Outstanding!

I hope you continue enjoying the Powys Line of Space:1999 novels...there's more to come!

Thank you for featuring the books on your outstanding blog.

John Kenneth Muir

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Terrific tips. The order worked out perfect.

Thanks for the head's up! More Space:1999 books beyond OMEGA? This is wonderful news indeed!

My pleasure.

stephen jansen said...

hope you enjoy the books,

stephen jansen

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

The Shepherd Moon collection looks terrific Stephen. I hope to get to reading it sooner rather than later. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What a blast! Thank you for your great introduction to our Space: 1999 books. I stumbled upon your blog and it made my day.

Mateo at Powys Media

The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

My pleasure Mateo. You are doing some splendid work.