Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cowboy Bebop Session #15: My Funny Valentine

I just can't seem to get enough of her legs or anything else about Faye for that matter. Celluloid never looked so damn good. There's an almost John Byrne quality to the artistry of the image.

And yes, those would be Faye's breasts compressed.

My discovery of Cowboy Bebop continues, but on the whole has hit me fairly flat. I can't say I love it like so many of the impassioned fans around the world. There are elements to the series that impress me and I do enjoy aspects of the characters. Some of the stories just aren't grabbing me. I wish they did, but an entry like Ballad Of Fallen Angels is rare. So my less than enthusiastic response to the series continues I'm sorry to say. But then you knew I actually took on Cowboy Bebop as a bit of fairly mindless enjoyment.

Ed and Jet pull up some frozen, toxic fish. Jet had it on ice as evidence. Ed decides to take a few bites. Ein reminds Faye about her past. She ventures to teach us more in Cowboy Bebop, Session #15, My Funny Valentine.

Faye is de-thawed and revived in a lab from some kind of cryo-stasis. She was preserved because medical science couldn't help her years earlier. The once trusting Faye is now distrustful of her surroundings. She escapes the hospital. Things have changed considerably since she had been placed in the deep freeze. She's upset when she is tracked down by the man trying to help her. She can't be expected to pay for her medical bills, which are exhorbitant. She appears fairly innocent in her character too.

The man helping her crashes and he dies. Faye is upset again.

Spike walks out of the bathroom and overhears part of her story she is sharing with Ein. Jet returns with a bounty. The prize is a confidence man and Faye recognizes him as a lawyer named Whitney Haggis Matsamoto. It's a plump version of the same man that helped her upon her reawakening. He didn't die after all.

A police car rides next to the BeBop and in the pilot's seat is the doctor who once held Faye. Jet wants the police to pay him for his bounty. Faye has history with the man and helps him escape. Jet and Spike try to stop her, but she pulls a gun on them.

In space, Faye asks him, "Who am I?" Spike is in pursuit. A pretty cool space chase/ dog fight occurs between Spike and Faye and they mean business.

Faye sobs wanting to know who she is. The doctor arrives in the police car. He tells her he named her Valentine. The doctor turns out to be Matsamoto's uncle. They are surrounded by law enforcement so the doctor beats feet and gets out of dodge leaving Matsamoto behind.

When it's all over we still know as much as we did, which isn't much. I suppose the series just isn't my cup of tea or my expectations were higher. Either way, I'm probably not doing it justice for some.

My Funny Valentine: B-

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