Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kirk & Bones: Gone Sunning

Kirk: Ah Bones, nothing like the twin suns of Orion.

Bones: Beats a day in sick bay Jim.

Scotty: What's wrong with the two of you? For God's sakes men ya have yer boots and yer briefs hangin' out in the wind among other things. Why not get into a proper pair of summer shorts mates?

Kirk: You need to get in touch with your inner self Scotty. Sometimes you just need to let yourself go, set yourself free.

Bones: Yeah mon, pass me some Orion weed mon. Let your hair down Scotty. Drop your drawers and communicator mon and join us.

Scotty: Not a tribble's chance in hell. I think you've had an unhealthy dose of solar radiation affectin' your Klingon- cooked brain matter. I'll sweat it out here in uniform like a real man. Aye!

Kirk: Suit yourself brother.

Scotty: Ah, the hell with the both of ya. I'm headin' back to the ship for a pint.

Bones: Great, would you be a good pally and beam us down some of your best scotch on the rocks when you get there.

Kirk: Nice and send us down the two new brunette interns in the tight red shirts we met on the bridge yesterday.

Bones: Ay, karamba. Good call Jim. Hard to top that one.
Kirk: That's what I'm hoping for Bones. That's what I'm hoping for.

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