Saturday, May 2, 2009

You've LOST That Loving Feeling

I'm not sure where it all went wrong for me. I'm sorry friends but I just can't do it much longer. I may continue to make every effort to do so but for how long remains the question. I've lost my love and affection for Lost. There, I've said it.

Our relationship went something like this. Things were so, so good. When we first met, it was love at first sight. Wreckage, a mysterious beast, a random polar bear, interesting characters and back stories with mystery upon steaming heap of island mystery to lap up. We held hands and cared for each other deeply. In fact I couldn't keep my hands off her. We strolled deep into the jungle and stared lovingly into one another's eyes at the prospects of pseudo science fiction coupled with interesting human drama. Then it came to an end with Season One. She disappeared, but I knew she'd come back.

Season Two felt much like a love rekindled. I hadn't seen her for so long and then there were the others and a piece of tail. They were sort of getting in the way of our love, but I was intrigued by the possibilities of an open relationship. There was abuse in dark places and while it was troubling I did like it somehow. Once again, I was left alone as our second season of love came to a close. Things were different between us. Change was inevitable. The honeymoon was over, but before long I was anxious to see my lady again.

Still, despite friends and others bad mouthing my girl I remained steadfast in my support in standing by her side. There was even a reference to the Boston Red Sox. Like baseball, it was all very complex and I was still enjoying the ride. I still very much loved the old girl, but there were new tensions. Something was changing between us and we had been through alot, but as much as I tried to hold it together we were moving in very different directions at the close of a darker Season Three. [The One To Be Pitied went with the hostiles at this point.]

Season Four arrived and we were beginning to go through the motions of our relationship with much less passion and despite trying to mix things up and try new things something was oddly different. She wanted a career and I wanted passion. Was our love Lost? There were the expected moments of excitement but there there was much fighting in the end. I started enjoying those.

Season Five arrived and we began feeling more like strangers. There were a few key moments involving Sawyer that captured the old magic, but alas those nights we were thrown together would not endure and we were just going on and on avoiding the inevitable. Quite frankly our love was gone and thus far no matter how hard I tried I felt vacant and alone. There was a void in the pit of my stomach where it was once filled with a thirst for our connection.

I know, I know. I'm totally playing it up for fun, but seriously folks it has become tedious to watch Lost for me. I have very much joined the Others (or is it the Hostiles?) who fled the show back in Season Three when ratings began to dip, which I still consider a solid run. It just lacks the magic it once owned and has simply become ridiculous at times. I literally almost fell asleep trying to get through the last episode, Some Like It Hoth. A nod to Star Was couldn't even jar me from my sleep-like, comatose state. I mean, bloody Star Wars references and I'm like ho-hum.

Will I remain true to the old flame? Gosh, I'm just not sure I can do it. Am I interested in knowing what the end will bring? I am. Perhaps the payoff will make it all worthwhile. I'm simply not interested in the journey to get there any longer which was always the fun with these characters. The back and forth and the looping, etc. It has been a bit like a dog chasing its tail. There are certainly many facets and details to explore and enjoy for the Lost aficionado and Lost mythology lovers, but I have more interest in the Humanities and revisiting the Greek Gods at this point. Could the show redeem itself with Season Six? It may be too late for me. Nothing grabs me anymore for very long. They have teased this story a little too slowly across too many seasons.

Oh no, I have to go, here comes the bright light again and another bloody nose.

UPDATE: I just finished The Variable and there were some good moments and the episode was stronger as a whole, but still it's kind of goofy and running wild at this point all over the place. I think I'm beginning to understand what it means to be a fan of LOST after all. I'm beginning to feel like a variable. Still, I begrudgingly continue my committment to this relationship.

In fact, when did Charlie die?

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