Friday, November 7, 2008

SciFiNow: Why Captain James T. Kirk Is God

I thought I'd share with you this amusing article compliments of SciFiNow #20.

SciFiNow is not the best sci-fi magazine of the bunch. Monthly publications like Starlog and what appears to be the now defunct print version of Starburst were a bit more exhaustive in their research and writing.

The Top 20 Reasons Why Kirk Is A Science-Fiction Legend (more humorously referenced on the cover of the issue as Why Kirk Is God) is good, goofy fun by James Rundle. My reflections are in parentheses.

1. Free Spirits (Kirk knows how to show that bare chest for the ladies).
2. Superman (Kirk is a bit of a super guy).
3. "I'm A Soldier...Not A Diplomat" (puts a spin on the classic phrase coining of Leonard Bones McCoy. In other words, Kirk kicks ass).
4. David And Goliath (Kirk takes on some big, bad enemies and apparently God too).
5. Love Is In The Air (Kirk gets every babe across the galaxy with a heartbeat. He rocks it and he rocks them. I think this should be number one. Be sure to check out Captain Kirk's Guide To Women).
6. The Chain Of Command (Kirk gives orders like no other. He openly wacks people who are out of line. He's a throwback to the man's man. There's no political correctness here. If he calls you on it, you're getting the business squarely between the eyes in front of all to see. He will embarrass you. He's a dying breed).
7. Pub? (Why am I not surprised the Brits would include Kirk in a pub in their Top 20? Yes, he can enjoy a drink).
8. Cultural Diversity (He welcomes it in his crew and the women he beds).
9. Double Dumbass! (Kirk swears with colorful phrases. I guess).
10. Good With Kids (This references Kirk's many encounters with children like Charlie X and Miri).
11. Environmentally Friendly (He saved the whales and had a way with Tribbles).
12. "Let's Get The Hell Out Of Here" (Kirk's not averse to cutting his losses).
13. Peacemaker (Kirk is apparently not a good enough diplomat as mentioned earlier, but rather a peacemaker. Contradiction?).
14. "I Don't Like Mysteries. They Give Me A Bellyache, And I've Got A Beauty Right Now!" (I'm not sure what to make of this one).
15. "KHAAAAANNNNN!!!!" (Nuff said I guess).
16. Finishing The Fight (Kirk is fearless and he will FIGHT YOU!).
17. Doin' Time (Kirk was always captured so he could break out and kick ass!)
18. Survivor (Yup!).
19. Loyalty (This is one to live by).
20. A Sharp Mind (Kirk is a brilliant tactician and strategist).
The Sci-Fi Fanatic adds a bonus:
21. William Shatner IS James T. Kirk. What more can you say? The man made Kirk and Kirk made the man! I added this last one.
So there you have it. The Top 20 bloody reasons by the Brits in typically British style plus one by The Fanatic!

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